G U I D E D   K A Y A K   T O U R S 

Wade through our guided kayaking options and decide which expedition suits you best for exploring our Alaskan waters



    Join us as we give you a glimpse of the beauty of this small fishing port and magnificent island refuge by kayak!  With some terrific tidepooling spots, puffin hangouts, and magnificent 360 panoramic views, this tour location close to town is hard to beat! From christmas anemones below to sea otters on the surface, we'll explore the local marine biology and fishing lore as we paddle between several small islands.

Our Classic Kodiak Tour

Location: Trident Basin, Near Island & Popof

Duration:  2.5 - 3 hour island paddle

Price:        $89 adults, $75 kids (up to 15 years old)

Anton Larsen Expedition

Location:    Anton Larsen Bay

Duration:    Half day tour (4 hours paddling)

Price:         $119 adults, $105 kids (up to 15 years old)


    Head out of town with us as we explore a hidden gem of Kodiak known for its protected waters, scenic paddling and stunning views of our mountainous refuge.  We will skirt small rocky outcroppings as we head out of the bay, passing sea otters and underwater sea stars, always keeping our eyes out for spouts of gray and humpback whales!  A longer paddle excursion, with a longer, bumpier road to our launch site, you'll find that the time and effort is well worth it.


Choose your own Adventure

Location:    Anywhere we can put in along the Kodiak road system

Duration:    3-4 hours paddling

Price:          $129 adults, $115 kids (up to 15 years old)


    Kodiak offers premiere kayaking as a result of the numerous put-in spots accessible by road.  We can reach fringes of pristine, rocky coastlines all along the outlying Kodiak area and customize trips based on your interests, weather and time frame.  Let us know your preferences, maybe a corner of our beautiful island home you want to check out or ask for our suggestions and we'll set about planning your perfect outing on the water!



Reservations- Highly recommended! Tours must be set up at least 48 hours in advance. Reserving your spot and planning out an itinerary much farther ahead of schedule is greatly advised.  We have a limited inventory of kayaks so you'll want to make sure to secure your adventure opportunity well in advance.  Those who try to time perfect weather, shouldn't be surprised when on that sunny day, others have beat them to taking out our kayaks, leaving you stuck on dry land.


Kayaks- We offer both single and tandem high performance, expedition-style kayaks for our tours.  We will default to using tandems for most all tours unless you specifically ask to paddle a single boat.  For less experienced kayakers, our tandem vessels offer greater stability as well as an enhanced position for paddlers to take photos while their partner worries about the steering of the kayak.  All kayakers will learn the essentials to mastering the kayak for their tour experience before we leave shore, beginners don't worry if this is your first time!  We're happy to spend extra time with the Newbies so you feel 100% confident before pushing off from shore.


The cockpits of both our single and tandem kayaks have set width dimensions, so consider this before signing up for a tour.  If the boat feels too small on you, you will feel extremely shaky and ill at ease on the water.  We warn all guests of this up front as we know that you will not enjoy the expedition if you're worried about tipping.  Our singles have a cockpit width of 15 in and a max paddler capacity of 250 lbs, while our tandems have a cockpit opening of 21 in across and a combined paddler weight capacity of 550 lbs.


Day of your tour- We will meet-up at our put-in location where all equipment will be ready to go so we can jump right into our paddle talk and boat fitting!  After a short land lesson for our novices, we'll be on our way!  Each trip will be paced to exactly what you want- we enjoy a leisurely paddle just as much as a kayak sprint and are happy to accommodate your needs.


Rain or Shine- If you’ve spent any time on Kodiak, you know that the weather changes constantly. But one amazing feature of our island home, is the many micro climates that exist as you move from White Sands, into town, and out to Pasagshak. Just because it's raining in town, doesn't necessarily mean it's raining in Anton Larson or out at Mayflower Beach!


Tours will NOT be canceled due to rain. This is Alaska.  Whether you call Alaska home or are passing through, some part of you is drawn to this wild and rugged landscape.  Rain and the natural elements come along with the appeal of the 49th state!  We actually feel that you may join us in thinking that the rain enhances your kayak tour!  We WILL cancel a tour however for high winds, heavy driving downpours or other unsafe weather conditions that adversely affect your safety on the water.


What to wear- It's important to make sure you’re properly attired for potential changes in weather and temperature during your kayak expedition. The best way to prep for our weather is to dress in layers!  A t-shirt, fleece or light jacket/ hoodie, and a rain jacket allows you to be adequately prepared for any summer conditions you may experience.


Cancellations-  Any reservation that is canceled giving us over one week's notice will be fully refunded.  Any cancellations for a tour between 7-3 days, will be charged 30% of the tour price.  Tours canceled 2 or fewer days in advance will be charged 50% of the tour price.  We have a very short season in our corner of Alaska, so we thank you for understanding our need for these policies.